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Sensitive Minoxidil von Genhair
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mal eine stimme aus dem netz......

I have been using the minoxidil 5% Sensitive topical from for a couple of weeks now and I just wanted to give an update. In my crown is where I get folliculitis which are these painful pimple like bumps which is caused by an inflammation of the hair follicle. I have been using Dr. Lee's PG free minoxidil of the first frontal part of my head all the way to the crown where I then use the Minox Sensitive. I can say is the when I use regular minox in this area, the folliculits would spread and be really painful to the touch and even when not touching it. When I use the minox sensitive, the irritations is DRASTICALLY less maybe even none because even when not using topicals I still have some folliculitis. In conclusion, minoxidil sensitive 5% has been working out for me nicely.

The negatives about this product is that it is a gel which makes it hard to apply and if you get too much in the hair then when it dries it leaves a dandruff looking residue. It is also expensive and comes in a small bottle.

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pilos ®
11/06/2005, 09:36:10

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