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Hair transplantation
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One can lose hair due to various reasons, be it hereditary, or because of some sort of a wound, or because of a certain disturbing experience. Whatever the reason, it is a very undesirable experience. The easy ways out are the various surgical and non-surgical methods to increase the number of hair on your head, available in the market today. Where surgical methods are concerned, the foremost is probably the transference of hair from one part to the other.
This transference of hair, also known as transplantation of hair, is the best in the sense that result is the most convincing. This happens because the process actually shifts the sac, which encourages the growing of the hair from the regions, which are becoming incapable of growing more hair. Usually performed on those who lose out on hair due to age or on celebrities who need to keep themselves looking young and charming, these operations are also executed on those who have lost out on their hair because of some illness or the other. Today, it is becoming more widespread, and is slowing tightening its grip over the female clients too.
The amount of money and time as well as the process which moves or embeds a living tissue surgically to replace a damaged part, depends on various factors, primarily how much hair one has or rather, does not have on oneís head. It is possible today to transplant from single strands of hair per graft to as many as four strands of hair per graft. While the former is used mainly down the hairline, the latter finds use in bigger areas, which have formed bald patches. Known as micrografts and minigrafts respectively, they are by no means the only types of grafting that there is. Another popular method of grafting is follicular grafting which is an in-between route. It is used alongside the hairlines, but its main application is found in areas which in the danger of turning into big bald pieces.
One needs to sit with the surgeon who is to make the surgery in order to decide on the details of hair transplantation-like the type, the places et al. Often, a painkiller is used and a narrow piece of skin is removed which will be used in the operation. It is strategically removed so that it does not look unusual, and the area is shut off by stitching. After this grafts are obtained and fitted into miniscule holes in the bald districts, which are in turn fixed to their positions by the coagulation of the blood. Even though needles and lasers are freely used, these places repair fast as the scalp is furnished well with blood.
The result depends on the surgeon and the availability of the patientís hair. There are also extremely less inconveniences, and it is a win-all situation.

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