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Hair loss and your life
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What can Hair loss really do to you? Most likely more than just a medical symptome ... So have a look on youself as a person and read some tipps about care for your hair and body.

Most of us take great pride in our trophy of hair. Thus losing it causes distress to most sane human beings. But unlike what we tend to regard it, as hair loss is not as light an issue as it appears to be at first glance. You see, all of us want to look attractive. Unfortunately enough Western concepts determine how attractive one is in terms of how youthful he/she is, how young they look, how flawless their face and hair is. So needless to say one without much hair tends to feel a little like a fish out water in such an atmosphere. He/she withdraws into his/her own shell and loses the kind of confidence every man (woman) of dignity ought to have.
So you see losing hair can land you in a bit of a paste. A nasty paste at that. It can make you feel insecure and ‘exposed’ and most importantly like a less of an individual. Not a good feeling for sure.

The stress to treat ...

We do not want to speak too much about the consequences for your personal life and your feelings.
You are here and reading this because you have got a problem, maybe small, but not unlikely a big problem.
In such a situation you should try to make the best out of it. Go on and read. Try to treat your hair loss.

It may work - but also it may not work. So don´t forget: Your life does have more faces than your hair.

Don´t forget to treatyourself and your hair as best as possible - some tips for hair care are given on the next page.

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Hair loss and your life
Hair Care Tips
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