Dutasteride is a recently approved drug by the FDA that was developed by the Glaxo smithkline laboratories. It is the latest and claimed to be the most effective antiandrogen drug that helps suppress the conversion of the testosterone into dehydrotestosterone. It is reported to inhibit both isoforms of the 5-alpha reductase and as such more effective than other antiantrogen like Finasteride.


The drug is used in the treatment for benign prostatic hyper plasia and helps improve the symptoms and reduce the risk of acute urinary track infection besides avoid the need for the surgery related to the BHP. The drug was approved in the month of November 2001 by the FDA in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia

1. The use of Dutasteride and the Effect

Prostrate growth that is common among men above the age of 50 is caused by the hormone called DHT or dihydrotestosterone. The disease is quite comon among elderly men and is quite disturbing. Many try to avoid the surgery for the BHP and largely depend on drugs. Dutasteride helps reduce the production of the hormone in the body and thus lead to the shrinkage of the prostate gland. However as in the case of the enlargement of the prostate gland that takes comparatively longer period the treatment also take time to produce results. While the treatment by dutasteride for about 3 months time has showed excellent results, a treatment of at least for six months is necessary to judge the efficacy of the drug in the patient. A prolonged treatment for a period of 2 years has resulted in the reduction of risk of the complete blockage of urine known as the acute urinary retention and also obviates the surgery for the benign prostatic hyperplasia.

2. Use of dutasteride in Hair loss

The use of the dutasteride in the treatment of Male pattern baldness is still in the trial stage .It has been clinically proved that the drug help in the suppression of the 5alpha reductase enzyme that break downs the male hormone testosterone and convert into dehydrotestosterone. The DHT causes for thinning of hair dramatically in late age. It is also claimed that the dutasteride is more effective in the suppression of the DHT when compared to other drugs like the Finasteride. The drug taken in the capsule form has shown excellent results in the restoration of hair in bald men. As the drug is still in the trial stage its side effects and the problems for the women and children are not known. 

The dutasteride is manufactured by the united pharmacies in the brand name Avodart capsules, the other manufacturers are Dr. Reddy's lab in the name of Dutas capsules, the Cipla in the name of duprost capsules and the ranbaxy markets the same in the name of Dutagen Capsules. The drug is available world wide in various versions of generic dutasteride. All these brands are soft gelatin capsules containing 0.5mg of dutasteride.