Millionen betroffen

Haarausfall (Alopezie) bleibt rätselhaft. Anlagebedingter Haarausfall, Alopecia Areata und diffuse Alopezie (bei Frauen) sind am häufigsten.

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Oft unwirksam?

Medizinisch bedeutsam gegen Alopezie sind Propecia (Finasterid), antiandrogene Hormone bei Frauen, Regaine (Minoxidil)

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Haarverpflanzung - schnelle Option

Mit einer Haarverpflanzung können die Folgen von Haarausfall schnell korrigiert werden. Techniken wie die FUE haben große Fortschritte gebracht. Eine gute Planung ist entscheidend.

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Future Hair Loss Treatments


Baldness is curable. Whether it is genetic or caused by different environmental factors it can be cured. A lot of scientists from around the world are in search for cure regarding this ailment. In the future, expect baldness treatments in as easy as you can possibly imagine



1. Hair cloning

What is hair cloning all about? Hair cloning is all about the cloning of the persons own hair follicle cells and then implanting it on the patient's scalp in order to produce new hair follicles essential for hair growth. It is one of the newest trends in hair growth surgeries. However, the percentage of cloned hair that survives the transplant is as little as 7%. 

Today, cloning is one of the major science and biotechnology breakthroughs. The extent of cloning is being discussed in the United States and laws are being made regarding cloning. There are many uses of cloning; cloning can be for animals, the cloning of human organs, and humans, which is still debatable and ongoing. Some countries outside US promise to produce cloned humans in the near future.

How does cloning the hair follicle work? Hair follicles are developed in humans and animals. Cloning is a transplant, it would probably be one of your last options after you have tried so many products and nothing worked for you. This procedure is also expensive.

At first, the surgeon will get some part of your hair from the back of the head. They choose this area because this is the only area that is not affected by DHT. This is also called the donor area. The right hair follicle cell should be targeted because only this type of cell can be used in the process. After the hair follicle has been cloned it is transplanted into the other areas of the head where there is no hair growth. This process of transferring is called scalping. However, desired results are not fully achieved because the quantity of hair is limited in this procedure.

Dealing with hair implants can be dangerous, it can cause some trauma on the implant experience itself, and patients are also prone to infection and other skin diseases.

2. Gene therapy

Gene therapy is the treatment that focuses on the individual’s DNA. In this therapy, the DNA is being corrected for the purpose of correcting some genetic conditions. 

Researchers all over the world study how gene therapy can cure baldness by stimulating the hair follicles in order for new hair to grow. Gene therapy does not only stimulate the pre-existing hair follicles the produce hair again but it also aids in the production of new hair follicles for hair growth. A lot of tests have been done to mice to prove its effectiveness.

Baldness is sometimes inherited or caused by some environmental factors. If researchers found out that the baldness are caused by the DNA, they will correct it through gene therapy.

In the gene therapy, a new DNA sequence is being introduced to the body, these DNA creates a different chemical reaction inside that allows the production of protein, which is essential for the growth of new hair follicles. 

Gene therapy would never achieve its full success if it continues to display life threatening side effects. On one study conducted at the University of Chicago by Dr. E. Fuchs, it shows that mouse that undergo therapy started to grow tumor cells as one of the side effects of gene therapy. If this situation continues, the FDA approval for the exercise of gene therapy to humans will not prosper.

Researchers must work hard to diminish this problem. They must come up with the correct method to be able to make this type of therapy available for humans.


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