Millionen betroffen

Haarausfall (Alopezie) bleibt rätselhaft. Anlagebedingter Haarausfall, Alopecia Areata und diffuse Alopezie (bei Frauen) sind am häufigsten.

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Oft unwirksam?

Medizinisch bedeutsam gegen Alopezie sind Propecia (Finasterid), antiandrogene Hormone bei Frauen, Regaine (Minoxidil)

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Haarverpflanzung - schnelle Option

Mit einer Haarverpflanzung können die Folgen von Haarausfall schnell korrigiert werden. Techniken wie die FUE haben große Fortschritte gebracht. Eine gute Planung ist entscheidend.

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Diet and hair loss


You can spend as much time as you want on your hair, and you can go to the most expensive salons in your town, but the only way to improve the health of your hair is to begin from the inside. Your hair is connected to your integumentary system, which is a system of your body just like the reproductive or the digestive systems. The integumentary system consists of your hair, your skin, and your nails. While these three are connected, hair is slightly different from the other two, because it starts growing inside your skin and continues outside. Because your hair is connected to the inside of your body, you need to consume the right nutrients to have healthy hair. 

There are few things that are uglier than unhealthy hair. It looks dry, it does not have a shine, and has a ton of split ends. If your diet has too much salt, sugar and animal fat in it, that will not benefit your hair at all, because that sort of diet only places stress on your body. Two of the most important vitamins for healthy hair are the B-vitamins, and Vitamin C. The B-vitamins give you biotin, which keeps fingernails healthy and keeps your hair from falling out. It is easy to find these vitamins, because they are found in many fruits, in bread, and eggs as well. These foods are not hard to find, and they are usually fairly cheap. These vitamins are crucial to help your hair grow, maintain color, and keep sufficient circulation. If you consume enough vitamin B and C, your hair will not split as easily. 

You may be thinking that a multivitamin may be the easy solution to your poor diet. You may not like eggs, or fruit, very much, and may think that a tablet may keep your hair just as healthy as a good diet. However, nutrients are stronger, and more effective, when they come in the foods that you eat. Vitamin A is also important for healthy hair, because its benefits for the skin will help your scalp tremendously. It is also a readily available vitamin, found in many fruits, including apricots. Such foods as chocolate, and caffeinated drinks, will dry your body out and make your circulation less healthy, which will, in turn, dry your hair out. 


Another important part of having healthy hair is making sure that you drink enough water. If you drink eight glasses of water each day, your system will be cleaned out, and wastes will not build up in different parts of your body. Your hair will benefit from the additional moisture. What drink is cheaper than water, after all? It takes care of your thirsts and helps that food get through your digestive system so quickly, reducing the effort that your body needs to do to process it.


Did you know that, as soon as the hair comes through the scalp, it is dead tissue? True statement. Your hair is nothing more than dead protein – 98% in fact. To keep healthy hair, you also need to consume food that has enough protein in it. The great thing about protein is that is found everywhere. Meat has it. Fish has it. Seeds have it. Nuts have it. Even beans, peas and mushrooms! A good way to consume protein but avoid fat and cholesterol is to eat cold-water fish, such as tuna, because they contain Omega-3 fatty acids, which help lower your cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease, while helping your hair stay healthy. 


With the proper diet, it is easy to make sure that your head of hair stays strong, healthy and vibrant for years to come!


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